Comb Locks
Comb Locks Comb Locks Comb Locks Comb Locks Comb Locks Comb Locks Comb Locks Comb Locks Comb Locks

Lock your wig or hair system down using comb locks.

  1 1/4"

Perfect for those with hair and works great on thinning or fine hair!

How to sew in comb locks videos below!


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Studio International, Inc.

How to Sew Comb Locks

Four Things You'll Need. It’s just like sewing on a button.

Thread, Needle, Wig clips, Wig

    Thread your needle with approximately one foot of nylon thread and tie a knot in the end of the thread.

    Arrange the wig clips on the inside of the wig close to the edge. The side of the clip that the teeth are on needs to be facing away from the wig and the teeth should point back away from the edge of the wig. This will allow the clips to catch your hair and hold the wig securely onto your head.

    Place the first clip on the wig where it will rest near one of your temples. You will need to use about five to six wig clips, one at each temple and the rest placed a few inches apart evenly around the perimeter of the wig.

    Sew the wig clip onto the wig through the small holes located on the wig clip. Start underneath the wig and push the needle all the way through the hole in the wig clip and through the wig. Bring the needle back down through the wig and a different hole on the wig clip. Repeat this process until the clip is firmly secured to the wig and tie a knot in the thread before trimming the ends.