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Hi there,  

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to you guys for taking such great care of our patients. Everyone I’ve sent your way has had wonderful things to say about their experience, absolutely loves their hair prosthesis, and insists that I continue to send future patients your way. I really appreciate being able to confidently recommend a place where I know our gals will be treated with kindness and compassion and leave with a product that looks great and exceeds their expectations. Please know how appreciated you are by our patients and by us here at Smith Integrative Oncology. 

Warm Regards,  

Kelly Cairns, RN, BSN

Smith Integrative Oncology
55 Francisco St., Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94133

P: 415.682.0843  F: 415.682.0880
Web: //



Thank you for all that you and Michael do for Lolly's Locks. This is such a great partnership!

Here is an extremely helpful and thoughtful piece about deciding between a real or synthetic wig by the wonderful, talented gentleman behind our partner, Studio International in San Francisco! Read Post



Dear Michael and Dennis,


I have to write to let you know what a difference your cranial prosthesis has already made in my life, two short days after my visit with you!  I must admit to not being enthralled when I was in your studio as I am VERY detail oriented and tend to focus on the flaws.  I couldn’t believe that any of the selections would look like my hair.  


The photos below were taken this morning after a 1 1/2 hour Intermediate Ballet class!  My clip held strong and, even to my eye, this looks exactly like my hair.  It is absolutely incredible!  My stylist cut it exactly like my shoulder length bob style and it is easy to put up in a variety of ways.  


You have HUGELY improved the most challenging time in my entire 60 years.  Enormous thanks for devoting yourselves to helping people like me who lose their hair and can’t imagine that life will go on as normal.  Indeed, I think it will now.

 With deep gratitude,




 Thank you for the care and comfort you gave my sister Diane today.

As traumatic as I t is for her, you showed compassion and understanding which is appreciated more than you know.

Explaining the benefits of the 12 clip topper over a wig was such a better choice for her.

It might have been six years since we both purchased our hair pieces from you but I  would never hesitate to refer and/or recommend you and your products, because you are by far the Best!!

Thank you again.



Dear Studio International Team,

 I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible impact you had on my life. When I first came to you, I was devastated after losing half of my hair due to a medical condition. I felt like I had lost a part of myself and I was struggling to find the confidence to face the world.

 But from the moment I walked through your doors, I knew I was in good hands. Your team listened to my story with empathy and professionalism, and they worked tirelessly to find the perfect solution for me. And when they fitted me with the augment piece, it was like a miracle had happened. I couldn't believe how natural and beautiful it looked, and I felt like myself again for the first time in a few years.

 Since then, my life has completely changed. I can go out in public without feeling self-conscious, and I feel confident and empowered in every situation. I have received so many compliments on my hair, and I always tell people about the amazing work you do at Suudio International.

 Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life and giving me back my confidence. You truly are the best in the business, and I will always be grateful for what you did for me. I was amazed that I walked out with exactly what I needed




Thank you for your help yesterday. I am looking forward to wearing these beautiful toppers. We just booked with David at Blake Charles Salon April 7.


Dear Michael, 

I have no words to describe my satisfaction and happiness with the care you’ve provided for me. Thanks for your kindness and understanding of my problem making me fell beautiful again. You’re amazing. If you allow me I’d like to send you pictures after a hair cut. 



Hello Michael and Dennis

Thank for the fantastic help and guidance on my wig purchase-you are a shing light during dark days-thank you for everything you do!


Elizabeth P.



We wanted to share a very beautiful letter that was sent to us by a long term client, just beautiful!

Thank you so much Michael & Dennis. 

Just want to share something if I could?? I have been using you guys for most of my adult life with my disease. When I was 20 years old, an oversized utility van split my car nearly in half on an expressway in Michigan. Before they hit me, when I could see them coming and that I had no way to avoid the crash, I did something that my surgeon said saved my life: I relaxed. I thought to myself, okay, I just saw my family. They know I love them. This crash is going to be bad. I’m probably going to die now. And I let my body go limp and I just let go and surrendered. When I woke up with two broken bones in my spine and saw the smoke curling up out of the engine, somehow I managed to pull my body out of my car, through a window half open, and crawl out across the highway to an off duty EMT who stopped to help me. Then I passed out. 

I’m sharing this because I walked away from this experience, from a spinal surgery, 18 weeks of rehab and physical therapy, at 20 years old....with extreme hair loss. The doctors said my body protected my organs and got rid of what it didn’t need and that was my hair. 

I had beautiful blonde corn silk hair. I was a cutie I swear. When you are female and 20 years old, losing your hair seems like a death sentence. But because I survived that accident, I knew it wasn’t truly a death sentence and I had to find a way to live with out my hair. 

Since I found you guys I have felt like I had my own hair back. You are always kind. You are always patient. You are always empathetic. And the product you provide at the price you offer has made such an impact on who I am and how I represented myself. 

This year has been incredibly tough. I’ve learned it’s important to tell the people in your life who make a difference that they do, indeed, make a difference because we are not promised tomorrow. I don’t know you in person. I wouldn’t know your face in a crowd. But for this girl in Tennessee?? You make a difference. 

I was SO WORRIED that the pandemic may have negatively affected your business and when I called Michael today and got a chance to speak to him and knew you guys were still working hard for your clients, for me, I felt such relief. 

I get it. It’s hair. It’s only hair. It’s hair my body didn’t need in order to save my other organs. But also, ITS HAIR. and it’s connected to identity and confidence and self worth. And I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this company. Not enough people this year are sharing the good. So I wanted to. I hope that is okay. 

Thank you for being reliable and comfortable and for persevering thru this year as a company. This is just one persons take on how important you are. I hope it’s good to hear. 



Hi Michael and Dennis,

       Thanks so much for all your help when I came for my appointment last Friday.  With your recommendation, I booked a consultation appointment with David on Friday.

Wishing you continued success in your business.




Stephanie N.Love this place!! Michael is very helpful and is always there to answer any questions or to help me out!! I recommend this
business to everyone I know!!


Hello Dennis and Micheal, 

Thank you for your wonderful advice and the lovely wigs I got. I’ll think of you and appreciate your service while wearing them!  


 Woohoo! As good as it gets!

 Michael and Dennis at Studio International are simply outstanding with the service and gracious understanding they provide for anyone in need of their services. Their products are very high quality; one can not even tell it’s a wig. I’ve received many compliments from friends who say, “Wow, like your new hairdo!” I’ve reordered the synthetic wigs several times now,, and am very satisfied with the excellent service, their expert advice and their products. Thank you, Michael and Dennis!

You have been so terrific and are a great comfort to countless patients, my dears.  Many, many thanks! 

 With aloha and appreciation,



Thank you for a great visit.  I’m confident that my wig will make this transition easier for me.  

Again, thank you for your time.



Thank you so much for your help with my new wig and making that whole process as comfortable, educational and painless as possible.




Yours are the best and everyone who sees mine can’t get over that it isn’t real hair.

 My best, Sharon


Your insight and support have been invaluable to my recovery; my daughter and I regard you as partners in our treatment regimen!



Hi Michael,

I was very impressed with Studio International.   The physical setting was private and very professional, which I greatly appreciated, and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming.  I felt much better about wig and hair piece possibilities after talking to you.  Thanks for your pragmatic, well-informed advice about the various options.  I look forward to working with you in the future.  Katy



I was very upset and self conscience over the sudden loss of my hair. Finding Studio International was a God send. The salon/business is set up to provide privacy and confidentiality. I was given guidance on how to work with my insurance to get substantial reimbursement making the process very affordable. The owners spared nothing in designing every component of their wigs and hair pieces. Colors and construction are beautiful and very comfortable to wear.  I felt well taken care of and at ease during my appointment.   I walked out feeling amazing in my new hair. (It is completely undetectable) Heart felt thanks to Michael and Dennis!

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5.0 star rating

About 18 months ago I purchased two partial hair systems with comb locks from Michael and Dennis. Prior to that I was using synthetic hair pieces, but found that they did not hold up very long without frizzing at the bottom.  It took me several months after purchasing the new pieces from Studio International to start using them because I was attempting to find a good hair stylist familiar with this type of hair system.  Eventually I took one of the hair pieces to a hair dresser in the City where I live and she was able to cut and style one piece for me. I'm happy to say that it has worked out so well for me that I just recently had the second piece cut and styled also. I will never go back to the synthetic hair pieces again. I highly recommend Michael and Dennis for the attention they gave to me in finding the right hair system to use and for the quality of the hair pieces they offer.  Michael and Dennis are both very knowledgeable and spent a lot of time educating me how to use my hair system and how to care for them.  My only issue is that the comb locks are so close together, they sometimes get in the way of each other.  I would suggest they leave some separation between them, especially in the front part of the piece.  Beyond that, they have my highest praise for the work they do to help women like me.


Thank You I received them today and beautiful as always.



To: Studio International

Subject: thank you

 Hi Michael and Dennis,

 I purchased a wig from you last November, in preparation for losing my hair from chemotherapy. I started wearing the wig right around Christmas and wore it until last week. I just wanted to drop you a note to say how grateful I was for my wig. Once I got used to being seen in it, the wig made it possible for me to do just about everything with confidence. I continued my part-time job managing the local Youth Symphony, I went to concerts and plays, I took a trip to New York in March, and I even bought a car. The wig was comfortable to wear and very natural-looking. Many people just thought I had changed my hairstyle.

 Thank you so much for providing a quality product that really helps people.

 Best wishes,


Santa Cruz



Michael and Dennis,

   You gave me such a wonderful experience today.  I'm still rocking my new do.  My husband loves it too.  I will gladly give you a exceptional review on yelp.  It is wonderful to be a part of what you two gentlemen have built.  You both are what I call, "Earth Angels".   Although I am extremely grateful to not have had to suffer what most of your other clients have suffered, it is the first time in 35yrs that I feel really confident.

Thanks a million,



I went to Studio International with my mom, who was about to undergo chemotherapy and lose her hair. We'd read all the positive reviews but were still blown away by our experience there. Michael was wonderful--incredibly knowledgeable and full of good advice, but also just really kind and reassuring. We also liked that they have the actual wigs there to try on, not just swatches and a catalog, so you can see exactly what you're getting and walk out with a wig on the spot. And what you're getting is excellent quality and looks amazing--not your grandma's ugly, obvious wig at all. Highly recommended!


These guys are pros. I unfortunately had to avail myself of their services for a medical issue which caused me to lose my hair... and they were compassionate, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. They even educated me a little on my kind of hair loss! They taught me how to care for the wig and I left feeling confident.
I too bought a human hair wig that my personal stylist cut. It was pricey but the quality is amazing. I would whole heartedly recommend them esp if you have a medical issue leading to hair loss. They know their stuff.


Thank you so much for the follow up. My Aunt received the wig today. I'm hoping it will help her healing process. 

You guys are amazing. I can only imagine how busy you all are. I hope you are able to keep doing such a great service to cancer patients like me.

 Much appreciated. 




Thank you Michael,

I really had a good experience this morning and I have an appointment for a hair cut this Saturday already. I am wearing the hair piece since I came home and just love it.  Almost makes me not wanting to cut at all lol.


Dear Michael and Dennis,

   I wanted to thank you so very much for the dark wig I purchased from you on 9-16-17. I came in with my daughter and stylist.

   Much has happened since I last saw you. My daughter had her baby boy a week later. I began treatment the following week, and to everyone's surprise after one treatment, my hair was toast,  Goobs came out. My hairdresser removed the damage a I have been wearing you wig ever since.

   The wig is comfortable, looks amazing and I am doing everything you said to care for it so specially.

   I am so great full for your product. Thank you for helping me during this challenging time. It is so nice to feel and look like myself again.

   I know our paths my not cross again, but please have a fantastic day and thank you so very much.

     With much appreciation,



This has taken me so long to write, but my Aunt was a Studio International client of Dennis & Michael's for over 30 years!  She contracted Guillian Barre which left her with essentially no hair in the middle of her successful investment banking career.  I pretty much only knew her wearing wigs and for all those years could hardly ever tell.  She had many different versions over the years, every one of them glamorous.  Dennis & Michael were such good friends of hers and I know she always enjoyed her appointments and time with both.  As one of their most faithful clients, I know she would have given them a perfect 10 stars!  Continue your amazing work Dennis & Michael!!  I miss you both!  SS


Shannon, We loved your aunt and her constant companion Bogie (our cats and he had to adjust). Never far from our thoughts, a beautiful person. Thank you, you are a person that we will always hold in our hearts. Thanks Pat for all your advice, forever great full. Not a client, always a friend. We miss you.


Hi Michael,

 Thank you very much for your informative meeting with me today. I appreciate your knowledgeable approach to the care of your merchandise as well as the fact that you have many interesting wigs in your inventory. 

Best regards,



Thx Dennis and Michael 

Appreciate the Painless appointment that I was dreading.




I've been wearing a synthetic wig during chemo but wanted another wig that was longer and didn't look "like" a wig.  Left a voice message at Studio International and Michael returned my call the same day.  He had a cancellation for the next day so I immediately set up an appointment with him.  Studio International is located near the Mission District.  It's easy to get to on Bart (24th Street Station) and walk 15 minutes to the studio.  I found the studio quite spacious with many synthetic and real hair wigs available to look at and try.  Michael recognized my current wig was machined stitched and that their wigs were all hand stitched.  He showed me the difference and there is a huge difference.  Michael suggested several wigs that may look good on me.  I finally settled on a wig with real hair.  Yes, it's expensive but well worth it if you want a wig that last and looks good.  The wigs come uncut so I conference in my long time hairdresser with Michael and he suggested to my hairdresser how to cut and style the wig.  Thankfully my hairdresser has worked with this type of wig before.  Michael explained to me in detail how to wash and take care of the wig.  Another thing I like about Studio International is how they respect their client's privacy and meet only one customer at a time.  I highly recommend Studio International to anyone looking for a well made wig and excellent customer service.


Hi Dennis/Michael, 

It was a pleasure meeting with both of you today.  I learned a lot about wigs today.and will certainly recommend Studio International to friends who many be needing a wig.  I am also a Yelper and will definitely post a very positive review on Yelp.  

 Best regards,  



Dear Michael

Thank you for your kind & professional service. As you well know from many of your clients loosing your hair is very traumatic and your expert knowledge & sensitivity made it less so. It is wonderful to know there is someone out there that can always help me if I have a concern or question. 

Thank you again



PS went to a friends home for dinner in SF last night & she kept commenting on how nice my hair looked - matched my eyes etc & did not know it was a wig!

Hi Michael,

 I worked with you earlier this year to pick out my current hairpiece, which I totally love (attached photo). I have been so much more confident wearing her -- I have named her Esmeralda.!



 Michael ~~  pretty great today, thank you so much for all your help! Love my new hair ❤❤❤



Thank you very much and I referred you to a client that happened to be at the salon. I gave her all your information and I couldn't be any happier. Thank you so very much for helping.

Best Regards,



Hi Michael!

We got right to work. Loving my new hair. Thanks so much for making me feel like me again!

Nothing but love for you!



I love your wigs!!!  I have had alopecia since I was 19 and your wigs are the best.  They are extremely comfortable and they look natural.  Thank you!



  • Lynn K.
  • Oakland, CA



I am starting chemo next week, so went here for a wig. Michael is extremely knowledgeable, and both he and Dennis are very friendly and compassionate. They specialize in options for cancer and other hair loss victims. Products are excellent quality. I highly recommend them.


Simply an exceptional place, excellent customer service and knowledge.

Audry C.



 Hello Michael and Dennis, 

I wanted to thank you both for your time today. It was great meeting you and I truly appreciated your patience, sense of humor and TLC in evaluating the best options for me. I'm hopeful that I can confirm more info this week from my doc/insurance to see what they can do to absorb some of the cost. I have been evaluating many options for several months and you both made me feel like I'm in the hands of true pro's! Sadly, my condition won't improve over time, so I see you as my partners to help me feel and look my best for many years to come :-)!

 Thanks again and look forward to speaking with you soon.




I have been doing business with Studio International here in San Francisco for 28 years. I absolutely love their professionalism!



Hello , I am very happy and appreciate your professional services, feel like a new person after my visit to your Studio, I'm sure I will highly recommend, thank you again .




Excellent, attentive service. They really take their time with the consultation, making sure you understand the different types of wigs and how to care for them. Their goal is not to sell the priciest wig. Rather, their goal is to help you choose the best option for your budget, facial structure and lifestyle (I'm a working mom and easy, low-maintenance wigs work best for me).
I bought two synthetic hand-sewn wigs so I could rotate them for even wear (I wear wigs every day due to hair loss related to a medical condition). I've received so many compliments on "my new hairstyle". Most people can't even tell that I'm wearing a wig. I brought my best friend with me to help me choose a style (a MUST).
I am VERY happy with the overall experience. I am a customer for life.

Susan M.

Excellent customer service, starting from the initial phone consultation. I am losing hair due to medical treatment and have tried on many wigs. The product here is so far above a 'wig', and the customer service is outstanding. Michael and Dennis were very patient with me and my indecision about human hair vs synthetic. I left on Saturday without making a decision and a friend and I went to several other cranial prosthesis establishments on the peninsula to do our comparison shopping. The human hair pieces at other places can't hold a candle to the high quality of workmanship available here. They have a huge color selection so that a match can be made, and they display their products with pride, not just jammed in a closet. I recommend visiting before all hair is lost so that they can accurately match to  your natural color. They only see one client at a time so that you have the full attention of the staff, appointments are necessary. The pieces are comfortable to wear and using the super-gripper band I can shake my head around and it stays put. I ended up making several phone calls to Michael before my final decision (for now) and he was very friendly and professional, answering my questions so kindly. Thanks for a terrific experience.

Stephanie R.
Ashland, OR.


Thanks so much, Michael and Dennis!!

My appointment is next week on Friday to get the styling done. Can’t wait.

You guys are great! when I get a chance, I’ll do a Yelp review for you.

 Thanks again.


I started losing hair because of an autoimmune disorder.  After yelping for wigs, I found this place.  I was initially turned off by the price and their unsophisticated website, but decided to visit them anyway because of the great Yelp reviews.  

Michael  is great.  He knows what will look good on you and makes recommendations.  He spends a good hour showing you your options without interruption from any other clients.  I asked them about how they work with insurance and they are very knowledgeable.  I love my wig because it looks like my original hair color ... just better texture and more volume!!!  :)  My friends and coworkers just think that I have styled my hair different.

Thank you!!!


This place is as good as it gets!  I am currently undergoing chemo treatment and my hair is starting to fall out.  I went to two wig shops in Walnut Creek and had the worst experience of my life.  I've been going weeks feeling panicked because I am functioning fine and don't want anyone to know.  Luckily I found Michael and Dennis. Clearly they are very knowledgeable and compassionate!  They made me feel so comfortable and I just got my wig styled and cut!  I highly recommend them!

  • Lily.
  • Danville, CA

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me feel beautiful again!!!  I am giving you a review in yelp!  You guys are wonderful❤️.  


I cannot tell you just how happy I am with my new hair. My guy-friend asked what

I did to my hair because it looked so great. I have new confidence in my looks!

Your repetition teaching was superior. I remember so much of what you said.

The price was right on. I am telling all.  Many thanks, and God bless.....Sharon


Hi Dennis, 

Thank you for making an uncomfortable task fun and easy!  My friend and I enjoyed our experience at your studio and I’m really happy with my selection! 




It was my pleasure to have met both of you Mike and Dennis,  thanks a million for making me beautiful! 



Hi Dennis,

Thank you for time and expertise. It was a pleasure meeting you and Michael.

Look forward to seeing you again soon.




Hi Michael and Dennis, 

I'm very happy with my new pieces, and David was artful in his ability to style and cut the toppers.  He spent so much time.

 My friends absolutely loved my new "do" .

It was nice meeting the two of you, and very much appreciate your help. 



Dearest Dennis

I look forward to seeing you again and am happily telling the staff @ CPMC Oncology about you both. You have been a blessing!   

 I just had to write you and tell you what a wonderful experience I had with you (and Michael too!) You were patient, compassionate, and totally supportive of what is such a painful and awkward situation for me. I am so appreciative of the entire experience!! Thank you both for everything. I look and feel fabulous and I owe it all to you!




I'm fortunate that I didn't seek out a wig because I'm going through chemo, I just have really thinning frizzy hair, with way too much scalp showing.  So I decided I needed a wig, but I wanted something that looked realistic.  I read all of the reviews on Yelp and decided that Studio International was the best bet if I didn't want to look like I was in costume.  I made an appointment and met with Michael and Dennis.  I had a pretty definite idea about what I wanted, style wise.  Michael asked me questions about my experience with wigs, and what I was looking for as a result, and whether I had considered an "augmentation" instead of a wig.  When I heard augmentation, I thought eww, ick, I'm not doing a toupee.  So I tried on a few synthetic wigs, and honestly, my hair has been thin all my life, so I could never pull off sudden growth of full, thick hair.  But Michael also brought out a human hair augmentation for me to try, and OMG, it was perfect.  It covers my hair, and works with my hair, but it's light enough that it could pass as my own fine hair.  The look is just what I was hoping for.  Michael advised that if I don't have to get a wig (because there's nothing for the augmentation to be clipped on to), I should go for the easier and more comfortable augmentation.  I'm totally pleased with the pieces (I bought two at once because you get a great discount if you buy more than one), they look so natural.  I can't wait to get it cut and styled.  This was a great educational experience, and I'm so pleased, the quality of the augmentations and wigs is outstanding.  Michael and Dennis are very welcoming and allow you to check out different styles to see how they would suit you.  I highly recommend Studio International.  Oh, they also have street parking, but if you ask in advance, they can arrange for you to park in the street in front of their driveway.



Dear Dennis,

It was such a pleasure to meet you and appreciate your very informative demonstration on the types of wigs available for my hair type. I look forward to call on you again after I research a little further on wigs for my alopecia problem. Thank you again for your valuable Information and patience.



Thank you for taking the time to help me through my journey. I appreciate the time you spent and compassion you displayed. You helped make a difficult process a little better.


Grazie mille.  The experience could not have been more enjoyable.



  • A W.
  • Walnut Creek, CA
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Of all my issues I could think of, losing my hair was never one of them. But that's what happened, and in its place was a head I didn't recognize. I started out with a synthetic wig from  a wig shop, but knew I needed something better to fit my lifestyle...I needed human hair, I needed length, I needed comfort. I shopped around so many places and wigs trying to find the one that felt the most natural/breathable, including in Vegas, NYC, Texas (hair conference), was long and thick enough to make me feel like my old self, fit me well and looked good on me. I was only able to find that at this shop. The wigs I purchased were good quality and suited me as best a wig could. In all honesty I hated wearing wigs, no matter how high quality they are they just aren't fun to wear, but if you need one come here and get them. No, they aren't cheap, but you get what you pay for and they offer a discount on two or more which is nice. Although I have not purchased here as of late due to my hair returning I still highly recommend this place, regardless of distance and price.


Dennis & Michael,

You two are the most amazing, kind, considerate and informative individuals Joe and I have encountered in a long time. Thank you!

Last night I read (for the first time) the absolutely no returns or exchanges clause at the bottom of our receipt. It warmed our hearts and brought tears to my eyes to realize that you knowingly made an exception for us.......and we didn't even notice.  Thank you!

Thank you from the bottom of both of our hearts (to the top of my head ) for going the extra mile.......for me. From the time I emailed my first question,  to the moment when we walked through your door; we just knew we were in the right place.

You gave us both a sense of peace and comfort where there had previously been nothing but fear of the unknown.

Losing your hair is a horrible, life changing event, but both of you seem to have mastered the art of making it as seamless and painless as possible for your clients.

That's a beautiful thing for those of us afflicted, no matter what the reason.

Just when I didn't think there was anything else you could do to amaze did!!! You still went another step further..........You took my wig to the post office so I would get it sooner!!! Outstanding!!!

Such professionalism is rare, but such unparalleled and exceptional personal treatment is unique.
Be assured, we will give high praise to Studio International Inc., and you two in particular, to everyone we come across who needs your services.

The world needs more beautiful people. Thank you for being two of them and thank you for touching our lives.
Very, very best,

Andrea & Joe

"People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel!"


Best experience you could have.  With an  appointment in private room, Dennis recognized my needs and found wonderful solutions.  My experience shifted from anxiety to this thinking that I won't ever want to give this up!

Claire C.




I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how much my family appreciates you.  We were in your show room yesterday

(my two sisters and I) with our mother.  You and Michael were just wonderful!   

Going through this new part of our life and seeing our mother go through this has been very difficult.  Your prosthesis is going to give our mother a chance to feel like herself while she goes through this hell that will be Chemo.   

You were so generous with your time and didn't make us feel like you were trying to sell anything, just trying to help us learn our options and become comfortable with a new normal.  Thank you so much for making one thing feel easy through this difficult time.  



Dennis and Michael are just wonderful.  You could not ask for a more caring, kind, and attentive person than Dennis.  He was was so generous with his time and really made my family comfortable during such a difficult time. We were thrilled with the extremely high quality of the prosthesis.  I wouldn't go anywhere else!  This place is amazing!


Finally a picture of me in my beautiful wig with bangs. Sorry it took so long. I am thrilled and so very grateful.

Warm regards,



Thank you very much for your patience and help in choosing my new hair! Your excellent advice was most appreciated. I am enjoying getting used to styling and working with it. Thanks again for everything. Peggy


If you or a loved one are losing hair due to alopecia or chemotherapy, this is the place you need to come.  The wigs here are so high quality that they don't like to use that term at all, they call them "hair prostheses" or something like that.  They are very high quality hair pieces that are made in-house.  Shopping here was a pleasant experience and we felt like we were in safe hands.

Brooke F.


Thank you so much for your help today.  I feel you were very informative. I am so relieved to know that I am able to ask questions by email or phone.  

I am very glad I was able to work with you and Michael. 

Thanks again,


Hello Dennis

Thank you so much for making my experience such a pleasant and easy one.  I will be delighted to recommend you to anyone and will let the oncology office where I am being treated know as well.

Best regards, 



Dear Dennis and Michael,

Thank you so much.  

I wanted to send you my heartfelt thank you. Meeting you both and having your kindness and support during this time was tremendous. Dealing with a health crisis is an overwhelming thing and undergoing cancer treatment can take it's toll on ones spirits. Your both amazing people and I can not thank you enough for such a high quality wig. 

It looks and feels like my own hair did, and you restored my spirits. Thank you both and Studio Hair, for your compassion, kindness, professionalism, and  genuine care.

 With deepest appreciation and thanks, I am forever grateful to you both and Lolly's locks org for making this time in my life one with added quality.  




 Michael was a pleasure to work with and my hair piece is truly gorgeous. The hair is exactly like the perfect hair I once had and the quality of the natural hair is evident. The wig looks exactly like my own hair! I had other consultations prior to Studio International and was shocked at the prices for wigs that were not as beautiful and less comfortable. My hair piece I purchased from Studio International is light and gorgeous at a fraction of the price. I am so happy I found this place. They made a difficult time in my life a little easier. Thank you Michael!


Hi Dennis and Michael,Thank you for being so patient after I was late I apologize again. I enjoyed my experience. You were terrific.

 Thank you.

  1. O.

It was very nice to meet you both last week. I'm very happy with my wig and if I have any questions I will most definitely give you a call. Thanks for everything!



Dennis and Michael.  

It was such a different experience from my first wig trying on. You have a wonderful style and customer service. Looking forward to my second wig coming. The lace is still attached to my wig. Shall I have my hairdresser trim it off? I will go on yelp and will tell all my bad hair friends about your shop. 

 Warm regards 



Michael and Dennis were such a great team, helping us get through a tough transition in our lives.  The new wigs look great (many unexpected and enthusiastic compliments!), the prices were more than fair, and the professionalism was obvious from the moment we entered.


Dennis and Michael

 You guys were awesome.  We'll leave a note to that effect on Yelp. 



Dennis and Michael- 

It was such a pleasure (and relief) to meet you both today.  We were in good hands, and we really do appreciate it.


Excellent, attentive service. They really take their time with the consultation, making sure you understand the different types of wigs and how to care for them. Their goal is not to sell the priciest wig. Rather, their goal is to help you choose the best option for your budget, facial structure and lifestyle (I'm a working mom and easy, low-maintenance wigs work best for me).
I bought two synthetic hand-sewn wigs so I could rotate them for even wear (I wear wigs every day due to hair loss related to a medical condition). I've received so many compliments on "my new hairstyle". Most people can't even tell that I'm wearing a wig. I brought my best friend with me to help me choose a style (a MUST).
I am VERY happy with the overall experience. I am a customer for life.

  • Susan M.
  • Burlingame, CA

Dear Dennis, 

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me yesterday. My hair starting falling off today and I feel well prepared for this disconcerting experience (well as much as possible).


Hi Michael & Dennis 

What an incredible service you offer!

I was overwhelmed to see a full head of hair on my head after so many years.




 Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.  You took what I was expecting to be a daunting task and made it simple!  If anyone has "hair" needs I will definitely be recommending you and Michael. It was the best experience ever and I don't give those kudos lightly.  It is tough when you have so many issues ahead facing chemo.  I went to several locations and was even more stressed...that was before I found "The Best".  you guys rock!  Thanks again for being so compassionate and totally on your game.

 Best regards, 


Thanks so much for your expertise in helping me pick out a good wig! You have a nice selection of head coverings to choose from.

    • Lori C
    • Napa, CA

    I have about 20 inches of long, curly red hair.  There is not one day that goes by that someone does not comment on it.  I'm not bragging; I hated it for most of my life!)  I am just known for my hair; been on magazine covers, etc.  I only tell you that because I thought there would not be a wig company in the Country that could help me.  I had previously met with a wig expert that  told me should just do part of my hair, wig extensions would be required, etc. etc.   I was referred to Studio International, made an appointment and sent them a selfie.  Michael greeted me immediately,  took me to a salon (very private and discreet) and immediately brought me two real hair wigs that were EXACTLY my hair, just not curly (which is easy to do)   They were knowledgeable,  helpful, have AMAZING products, more reasonable than the single wig maker in Marin, and I walked in and 45 minutes later  took home two beautiful wigs; the second at a discount!  I took them home and everyone from my husband to my grown children like the wigs to much straight they are begging to wear them as is.  I am facing 6 months of Chemo and about three years to get some hair back; I am so happy with their products and I'm so relieved.  I cannot tell you how amazing they are to work with.  AMAZING.



I received my order today. Beautifully made and well worth the wait!


It was my pleasure to have met both of you Mike and Dennis,  thanks a million for making me beautiful!



Dear Dennis & Michael:

After months of searching, I'd like to thank you for confirming that it is indeed possible to  find a vendor in the Bay Area that provides the following:

1) Private one-on-one appointments

2) Courteous, Professional and Knowledgeable staff

3) Accessible parking in San Francisco

Thank you for all you do!



Hi Dennis-

 I have been meaning to write to you since I came to your shop on June 28th. I’ve been having a hard time coming up with the just the right words to express my gratitude and appreciation to you for the support and kindness you showed me when I came in. I am so grateful and appreciative! I really appreciated all of the time you took with me to answer my questions and show me the tricks of the trade with my new wig! I am slowly getting used to wearing it and like to wear it with the new hat I bought at your shop as well! I am attaching a photo. I don’t wear my wig everyday and when I am in the house I prefer a cap but when I am out it makes me feel good to have such a high quality wig on my head. I get so many compliments about my new hair, people say they wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference if I hadn’t told them! 

 Thank you!



Thanks a million for your valued advice, personal touch and wonderful taste on this thorny issue! 

Very best,



Thanks so much, this really might change my life.  People were looking at my hair today, but for once, I think it is because it is beautiful hair, not because they know I bought another hair piece.  I am sure I will be back for more sooner or later.  You guys really know what you are doing.  The color is perfect.


Napa, CA


For hair replacement such as thinning hair, cancer or just to feel better about your hair, Studio International is the only place to go, I had been shopping other hair salons but they do not in any way have the knowledge that Micheal and Dennis have. The quality of the hair is phenomenal - the BEST. I have been trying to find a good place to go and THIS IS IT. I have not found any place that compares. I had the pleasure of working with Dennis - he is wonderful


    I received a free wig from the Cancer Society (machine made).  Not satisfied, I found Studio International and had a private consultation with them.  They were so kind and patient, and I could feel a HUGE difference between hand tied wigs and machine made wigs.  I wish I had known about them sooner!  I ended up buying two wigs and couldn't be happier.  I wish all the local oncology departments would educate their patients about the difference between machine made and hand tied wigs!


Thank you so much for your attention and care.   I left your studio in a good mood (for the first time in a long time!).  I  checked the binder Kaiser Oakland put together for women with Breast Cancer.  There is a page of wig shop recommendations but I suspect they are all inferior machine made wigs.  I feel there should be a page in there on how to select a wig and the difference between machine made and hand made.  Let me know if you're interested in being included in their resources.  Once again thank you for making a big difference in the quality of my life!  Donna


Kathy R.

Oakland, CA

I was thinking of getting some type of wig or extension. Nothing terribly wrong with my hair but it is thinning. I was not sure if this was a good idea or not. They came up with a solution that looks great and feels comfortable.   It is quite natural-looking. Appointment only- it is private and they spend time with you, very personalized service. They feel that hair extensions are damaging to the hair and scalp and some of their work is in covering damage from extensions. They have other partial pieces. Many of their customers are people who are having chemotherapy.


i wouldn't go anywhere else after finding this place. these guys are truly professional in every sense of the word. appointments are necessary so they can focus all their attention on you. the wigs are beautiful and worth the price. great selection of hats and scarves also.

  • susan h.
  • San Francisco, CA


One Bite at a Time, Revised: Nourishing Recipes for Cancer Survivors and Their Friends

The cookbook is called "One Bite at a Time". I have the second edition, which I was told is better than the first. The author/chef is Rebecca Katz. She has several restaurants in SF. I am totally addicted to the Almond Torte and the other night I had chicken with lemon, orange juice (fresh), capers and kalama olives. My totally wonderful and awesome chemo nurse turned me onto it and even my husband, who would rather have a Manwich, has liked the recipes so far. The only draw back is buying all the initial ingredients that is needed, but she has a pantry list in the back of the book. Just Google the book and it will come up. I got mine for $16 on E bay.


   Thank you so much for your absolutely beautiful products. I feel much more confident now. Thank you.



     OMG, I love you guys!!!  I am so excited to order the Flair and next time, the Jen for versatility (and there will be a next time).  

Marilyn T.

San Francisco, CA


This was a wonderful experience from start to finish.  I did not plan on purchasing a wig, but I did and I couldn't be happier.  No hard sell, just a lot of useful information about chemo & hair loss.  Don't waste your time looking around the bay area for a wig salon.  Make an appointment at Studio International, sit back, relax, enjoy and know that you are in the hands of experts.  Thank you!



I just wanted to tell you what happened with your beautiful wig. As I
mentioned, the surgeons at UCSF were very kind and spared my hair. People
really can't tell I had anything done.  So, what to do with the beautiful
long blond human hair wig? I prayed that I could find someone who really
needed it.

  Shortly after I wrote to you about the situation, my friend's daughter
learned that her cancer had returned with a vengeance. Her daughter is a
lovely young college student, newly married, and interestingly, interning in
her studies at a cancer institute. My friend was leaving a few days later to
go down to help her daughter through the worst of the chemo. This young
woman and her husband face the financial challenges that all college
students face.  Their issues are amplified by her medical crisis. Certainly
no money for a wig. But this girl has long blond hair! So when I told her
mother about the wig I had, she cried. She left a few days later with the
long blond wig and stand in her suitcase. And her daughter looks as
beautiful as she did before, while she battles her disease. God does answer

Just wanted to share that story with you. You do so much to help people in
their most vulnerable states. God bless you for the good work you do!



Michael & Dennis,  

Thanks for the quick delivery of my new prosthetic wig.  I love everything about it.  You were right about it staying on without tapes.  The color is beautiful, so bright and natural.

The weightlessness of the wig is wonderful, no heaviness of any kind.

Next time, I want it  little lighter color, but in the same tones, maybe even with some streaking (or whatever  you call it).  However, with the new colors, I don't know what to choose. (HELP!) 

Thanks again for the call and the quick response.

One completely satisfied customer, 




Hi Michael:

 I had my hair styled today by David at Joseph Cozza Salon and it  is just super. Also, the wig fits so well that I cannot tell I am wearing it. 

David did such a super duper job. Best hair I have ever had.




Hello Dennis: 

Just wanted to let you know that the appointment with David went very well.  She really felt great after he cut her hair and gave her additional tips.  He was wonderful with her, just like you were!

 We appreciate your kindness and sensitivity to her hair loss and look forward to working with you in the future to obtain the perfect addition.

 Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving.   

Warm regards,




My daughter and I are very grateful to you for the time that you spent with us on Thursday.  Your products are lovely and it is a great comfort for her to know that there is something available for her as her thinning advances.  She took your advice and has made an appointment for a hair cut with David.

You provide a wonderful service and your kindness and professionalism are much appreciated.




I received my 2 custom pieces yesterday and I cannot tell you how impressed and pleased I am.  For being the first time to order custom pieces from you everything was perfect color, cap construction, density & quality.  Thank you so much for listening to my needs and following my instructions YOU'RE GREAT and have earned my business. 

Thanks Again,



Dear Michael & Dennis

Thank you so much for going the extra mile for me. I knew when I spoke to you that you are masters of your craft. Thank you for you kind and caring manner- for helping so many people feel whole again. God bless you both-



My new hair is fantastic!  Thanks again Michael!!  Tisha


I had my appointment scheduled by my oncology coordinator in a manner where I was able to have parking arranged and meet very privately. Top notch service and unsurpassed quality all the way around.


I wanted to thank  you for your consultation yesterday. It was so kind of you to take the time to calm me and down and advise me on proper hair care. I brushed my hair thoroughly this morning remained calm for the first time in a while. After that initial brushing, very few hairs have fallen out! Nevertheless, it is such a comfort to know that if the shedding continues, the hair augmentation piece is available.

I have been going to Studio Hair for years. Michael is just so wonderful and has always taken such good care of me. At first I just had some extra hair added for fullness. Now I lost all of my hair from chemotherapy and needed even more hair. I can't say enough good things about them. -Peggy

Michael was very helpful for my first online purchase- I have made a second purchase and will purchase again from Michael- very easy to deal with. Highly recommend!


Hi Michael and Dennis,

I just wanted to let you both know how much the 2 wigs, no, I'm sorry, "cranial hair prosthetics", have enhanced my life.  Everyone, and I DO mean EVERYONE, has noticed my "new do" and compliments me on it.  My family is getting sick of hearing the constant compliments.  It was just like when I had gastric bypass surgery and dropped 100 lbs.; people couldn't stop being amazed at my transformation then as they do now.  They all say my new hairstyle makes me look younger.  I can't thank you enough for educating me and helping me select the perfect wigs for me.  I am following all of your steps in submitting my claim to my insurance and we'll see how it goes.  I find the tips very helpful and your suggestions show how you really do go "the extra mile" for your clients.

You can be sure I will be purchasing more wigs from you in the future.

I am telling all my friends in Oregon and elsewhere who know my "new do" is a wig (only because I told them) about you and your great service at Studio International, Inc.

In gratitude,



Thank you so much for all of your help through this process and for being so kind to me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it and how comfortable you have made me

Thanks Again



Thank you so much for helping me pick out “the hair of my dreams” today. I absolutely love the wig! Your patience, kindness, and knowledge was truly appreciated. There are no words to express how happy I am!

 I look forward to working with you for years to come.

 All my best,



South San Francisco, CA



Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

I initially found them online but decided to show up at their door to have a look at their store, only to learn it's strictly by appointment only. But they were very gracious and took the time to visit with me anyway and to assess my needs. I detected impeccable integrity and stellar professionalism. They were very clear about their mission and their product. They cater mainly to women with hair loss. They carry very uncompromised quality wigs and hair pieces, and provide individualized service to their clientele. I highly recommend them, whether you are seeking to solve hair loss issues or just going for a fresh new look.

Their service and product are par excellence!

5 Stars

Posted by: Cathy P., 5/6/2010

I value the quality service these professionals give to their clients. They cater to women with hair loss issues and treat them with great care and sensitivity.

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: ymca, 5/27/2009

Great Place!

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: wigpro, 5/3/2009

Have worked with many of our clients over the years, highly recommend them!

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: maryklein, 5/2/2009

I actually am from the East Coast have not yet found a hair replacement salon that can match this one. Been working with these fellows for almost 20 years!

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: papawheelie, 4/24/2009


Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: luisrc1, 4/24/2009

Studio International, Rocks!

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: hairlady, 4/24/2009

My client just arrived this morning and her new hair looks fantastic! Other than the Chemo, that was her biggest worry. Will be sending more your way. She also sent you a vote:)

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: donnamarie, 4/24/2009

Thanks for your help this week and good luck, you both were great...

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: sfartist2009, 4/22/2009

That says it all, great staff.

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: janebabe, 4/22/2009

Great guys and friends for over 20 years! If you are or know someone suffering from hair loss, this is the place!!!!!Thanks Guys

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: elaine1977, 4/22/2009

Hair loss? This is the place to go!

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: silverstar, 4/19/2009

Longtime client. Excellent staff and Salon!

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: ericrandall, 4/15/2009

Choose what's good! Studio International, Inc!

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: huckleberry7, 4/14/2009

Studio International provides excellent recommendations for any and all hair needs. Always there for you. Thoughtful and sensitive to your needs. Deliveries on time. Prices and sales are great. Thanks for making me feel like a beautiful woman. .CL of San Jose

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: bustingloose, 4/12/2009

Michael and Dennis have taken care of my hair needs for over 15 years and I have not had a bad hair day since. Thank you guys

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: johnnieboy, 4/11/2009

If your losing your hair due to medical treatments, this is the place! Not only clean and great service, but they have become great friends! Good Luck!

Studio International, Inc

5 Stars
Posted by: lollystark, 4/11/2009

Have been going to this salon for 20 years, 2 great guys! Not only do they keep me looking my best but they've also made me computer savvy over the years! At 81, I even have e-mail now! Kudos to them!

Studio International, Inc
5 Stars
Posted by: treejaytwofunky, 4/11/2009

Studio International is a world renowned excellent hair salon.  ""

"Studio International provides excellent recommendations for any and all hair needs. Always there for you. Thoughtful and sensitive to your needs. Deliveries on time. Prices and sales are great. Thanks for making me feel like a beautiful ..."- huckleberry7

"Have been going to this salon for 20 years, 2 great guys!" -

"I value the quality service these professionals give to their clients." -

Studio International, Inc
5 Stars
Posted by: jsam1_2, 4/10/2009

I have known the owners, Michael & Dennis for years. They are always very accommodating and understanding and sensitive to my needs. They are always friendly and very professional. Their space is very comfortable and clean. For clients that drive, their location is very convenient to find street parking near by and not be concerned about expensive parking lots. I highly recommend their services.

Studio International, Inc
5 Stars
Posted 4/2/2009

This Salon is really helping those in need. I applaud the work that they do, working with those losing their hair due to cancer treatments and other medical conditions.

Fortunate to have them here in San Francisco!

Studio International, Inc
5 Stars
Posted by: judyemazza, 4/10/2009

Kind considerate and sensitive to the needs of clients

by Marie Marakowits Date Added: Saturday 06 December, 2008

I received this wig and immediately brought it to my beautician for a cut and style. Both, he and I are very impressed with the quality of the hair, the way the wig is made, how it looks, and how it feels to the touch. After he cut it, he simply combed it into a very flattering simple style and sent me on my way. The hair in this wig has a natural wave and needs very little to make it look good. A really good buy!

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

San Francisco, CA

5 star rating

Huh? Why no reviews yet?

My niece recently purchased a wig from this store and as apprehensive as she was about the buying process, she got back to the car where I was waiting and she had nothing but glowing praise regarding this company. Even more importantly, a wig that made her look as if she still had her own hair. (She's currently on chemotherapy and lost all her hair.)

I was told that the gentleman who assisted her was incredibly knowledgeable and offered incredible customer service.

I highly recommend this excellent company!

San Francisco, CA

5 star rating

Fabulous Hair!

Despaired of finding wigs that looked natural  & good.  But the wigs here   are fabulous.  Am in chemo so I wanted the wig to look good and to  make me feel good wearing it.  Liked them so much I got two and will probably get a third.  The staff is great, very helpful and understanding of whatever your reasons for wig.

Good Morning-
I just wanted to let you know that I am totally thrilled with my purchase.  It has changed my life!
 I was using a very messy "spray" to hide my seriously thinning worked, but with  a series of  inefficiencies....BUT NOW-I am free! 

The hair is beautiful, the curl, the thickness, the natural appearance, what a difference.  Compliments are flying....

My hairdresser trimmed it up and it is impossible to tell that this is not all mine!
Today I celebrate my 50th birthday, this was my gift to me and it was perfect!
Hi and thanks for being available to answer all my questions!  Buying a wig is a bit like riding a roller coaster - kinda scary!
Thank you so much for being THE salon that offers the best quality (I have checked over 30!!!) largest selection AND a specialist to answer questions!  From someone who has done quite a bit of research over the last week, you are by far #1!
kindest regards,
Marie Johnson
I picked up my hair prostheses Friday. Thanks for all your help!! The hairpieces are just right. I appreciate that you are willing to go out of your way to help a customer--rare these days. Again, Thanks--I love them!!!



I just want to send my BIG THANKS to you for the wonderful and really trust full service!!! I am so so happy to work with you. My system was great and I received  it fast!


You will hear from me soon again.

You have got a steady customer from Finland.

With happy regards,


This is a truly unique system and I have worn many over the years! Thank goodness for keeping up with the times Studio Hair. You've been great each time I've ordered.

Your life long customer

I purchased this wig and absolutely love it!
It is soft, supple and easily put on and off with the tapes, glue and removed with the adhesive solvent. I was going to a salon for hair replacement and paying a lot of money to do what I could do at home. Most people have no idea that I am wearing a wig. I will be purchasing more product from this site in the near future. This is fabulous!. I sleep in it shower in it and wear it with confidence every day! Thank you so much!


Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

Hi Studio Hair

It's been a pleasure working with you and your advice was right on target each time. I went through years of wearing wigs in which were never comfortable and looked wiggy. I've now purchased 4 from you're Prosthetic Quality line and boy, I get compliments on my hair now! It's made my life with Alopecia a nicer place to be.

Will be placing another order soon!


Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]


I wear wigs due to a medical condition. This wig has the most beautiful hair & the workmanship, superb. Already looking at another of your human hair styles.

Thanks for the great customer service.


Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Thank you for your advice over the phone. This style is perfect! The lightest weight wig I've ever worn along with being the best quality. (And I've worn wigs for over 15 years)

Great service


Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Thanks for the quick and help full service! Ordered this 4 1/2 weeks ago and it's already here!

I received my lace front wig and had my stylist shape it. It looks great. I've worn wigs for a long time but this is without a doubt, the nicest and so beautifully designed. Love the lace front.

Returning Client

Much appreciated


Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Hi there

My family has been blessed with thin hair and have used hair systems for many years. My brother referred me to this site after ordering a full men's cranial prostheses and having such great results. I wear a partial system in which a well known hair replacement center in my city was charging me over $2000 to have each piece custom made. I now pay a fraction of this with Studio Hair and find the quality actually much better.

Thanks again


Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]

Great Men's wig and ever so nice. Excellent quality!

Bob R

Rating:  [5 of 5 Stars!]
I have had Alopecia Totalis for many years and have tried many wigs. The Studio Hair Cranial R/X is the nicest wig I have ever worn. It has such a fine base and stays on so well that even if someone where to touch my head, it's as if nothing is there. What a life saver! I was paying twice as much in a local salon and the quality could not compare.



Rating:  [5 of 5 Stars!]

I've had long hair all my life. I began thinning on the sides and back in my 40\'s. The hair on top seems fine. The Studio Enhancer works perfect for me. No hassle and looks great again.


Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]


Thanks for a great solution! I have been thinning on the top for years and have found only bulky & un natural solutions. This has been perfect. I now get compliments on my hair!

Keep up the good work..


Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]
Thanks for the great service...MC  is number 1, the service is great and the wigs are great!!



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