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46 Human Hair Full Spectrum Salon

Color Shades®


 A First In Prosthetic Real Human Hair Wigs & Hair Augment Systems!

Largest human hair color selections of Prosthetic Wigs & Augment Systems in stock on the West Coast

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All colors are designed by our licensed stylists with over 40 years of experience!

 Our rooted human hair shades are exclusive to Studio Hair® Prosthetics,
 made using the finest quality High Grade Cuticle/Remy Human Hair available! It is our 40 years 
experience which has made this possible and un matched!

No more unnecessary color work that can affect the hair quality and possibly damage the base! 

Human Hair Color Shades®

SH 1  Black




SH1/SH1B Black and Darkest Brown Blend

SH 1B  Darkest Brown

BL1    Dark Brown

BL2 Dark Warm Brown

SH 2 Dark Warm Brown Blend

(SH) BL2/BL3  (Color BL2 and BL3 Blended)

"New Color"  SHRX BL2-BL4-BL2R Dark Brown With Lite Brown Foil

BL  3 Dark Cinnamon Brown 

BL3/BL5       50% BL  3 Dark Cinnamon Hi Lited with  50% BL5 Soft Lite Brown

SHRX BL3-BL6-BL3R Medium Brown With Dark Blonde Foil


BL 4/6 Medium Brown    #BL4, with 50% #BL6 Soft Hi-Lite

BL5-BL7   Medium Lite Brown with Lite Brown Hi-Lites 

"New Color" BL5/BL7/BL2R Lightest Browns With Dark Blonde Blends

BL6/BL7 Lightest Warm Brown with subtle blond in the blend



BL6/BL8 Warm Darkest Blonde With Subtle Highlighting

New color coming soon!

RL 10/12 Tone On Tone Lite Ash Browns- Hi Lited

New color coming soon!

SHRX SS14-22R Foil Warm reddish brown with strawberry blonde and Lite Blond Foil


BL6/BL8/BL9/BL4 Roots   Tri Shade Foil Hi-Lite BL 6/8/9 with #4 Roots

BL6/BL8/BL9      (Tri Shade Foil Hi-Lite BL  6/8/9 )


SHRX R122S Rooted Strawberry Blonde With Warm Golden Blonde Foil

BL8-BL9  Light natural blonde highlighted with lightest Blonde

BL8/9/6R   Light natural blonde highlighted with lightest blonde with slightly darker roots

BL8/9/4R Light natural blonde highlighted with lightest blonde with sandy light brown roots

Color 13/88

Natural lightest brown with ash blonde hi lites

BL9-BL10-BL8  Lite Natural Pale Blonde

BL9-BL10-BL8-BL6 (Same as the color above but rooted )    Lite Natural Pale Blonde Rooted

BL9-BL10-50%-BL2 Rooted    Natural Lightest Blonde With Dark Roots

"New Color"  19-23SS Palest & Lightest Bleached Blonde With Darker Blonde Root

"New Color" RL23  Palest & Lightest Bleached Blonde

60 Ultra Lite Blonde

#27/80 Rich Warm Reddish Golden Blonde Ends With Darker Reddish Golden Blonde Roots

"New Color" SHRX SH 30 Lite Natural Auburn/Blonde

Natural Auburn Red SH32

"New Color "  

 Medium Mahogany Red SH33

Natural Auburn Blends SH32 - 30


33/32   Deep Mahogany Red #33 75% - Bright Light Mahogany Red#32 25%

6/33     Deep Mahogany Red #33 50% - Med Brown #6  50% Hi-Lighted

33/32/27   High-lighted Lite & Medium Reds

33/35 Dark Red Blended With Bright Red

"New Color  SHRX RL38 Lightest Brown / Dirty Blonde With Grey Blend

Color SH51      
Silvery Salt and Pepper (more silver than our color RL56/60) color in stock for P11-14 for all other Human Hair Styles allow 8-10 weeks.

RL56-60  Lite Salt & Pepper

#92   (RL511  With #60 Framing The Face) - Lighter shade in the front graduating to darker back blend


RL511G  Dark Salt & Pepper

#60 Our White & Gray Hair has a slight Wave.

Hair was Air dried to see the wave. All of the Human Hair Needs to be Cut and Styled.


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 Synthetic Hair Salon Shades - Silver Line

B-Blended 50%-50% (or equal)


F-Framing Of The Face 


CB (checkerboard) Hi-Lighting

Foiled and Rooted Salon Shades


(Rooted Colors, Dark Shade represents the root color and lite shade represents the hair color)

(Hi-lited shades are equal percentages of each shade) Human Hair available in Hi-Lited shades.

  Color Number                           Color Description 


SH1B Darkest Brown


SH2 Dark Brown

SH2/BL3  (Color SH2 and BL3 Blended)

#BL3 Dark Cinnamon


 #BL3/BL5B Blended (shown in style RXWLW)


SH #4-#12-#18 Blended Neutral Brown (shown in style RXWLWSPK)

BL 4/6 Medium Brown   #BL4, with 50% #BL6 Soft Hi-Lite


SH #6/#33CB - #6 and #33 CB-¼”Highlighting

#BL6-BL8-BL9CB-¼” - #BL6-BL8-BL9CB-¼”Highlighting


RL10-12CB-¼” - RL10-12CB-1/4” Highlighting

9F26F - Soft Brown with soft blonde framing of the face.

RL13-88 Rooted Light Blonde - Light Blonde  with darker color roots

RL13-88CB ¼” - RL13-88CB ¼”Highlighting

 #16-23CB ¼”  Highlighting






SH33/32  #33-25%-#32-75%B - 33-25%-32-75% Blended

 RL38 Blended  Lite Brown with Grey Blend

RL511  Medium Salt & Pepper

RL56-60  Lite Salt & Pepper

#92    RL511  With #60 Framing The Face - Lighter shade in the front graduating to darker back blend

RL60 - Whitest White


RL19-23 CB ¼”+ Rooted - RL19-23 Rooted + CB ¼”

RL12-22CB ¼” + Rooted - d

#12-23CB ¼ ” - #12-23CB ¼ ”  Highlighting


 #18-22CB ½” Highlighting







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