Custom Made Head Size Option For Prosthetic Wigs Must Be Added To Cart If Not Average Size (Custom Made Items Take Approx. 12 Weeks)

Head Sizing

Ultra Petite:     19"-20" (Custom Size) (Add $325)
   20 " to 21" (Custom Size) (Add $325)
Average:  21" to 22" 1/2" (Stock Size) Do not add this option to cart if you are average stock size.
Large:      23" - 23 1/2" (Custom Size) (Add $325)
Extra Large 23 1/2" - 24 1/2" (Custom Size) (Add $325)


Step One: Circumference This is the most important measurement

Starting at the front hairline, hold the beginning of the cloth tape in place. Wrap tape around the head in the same position as the diagram; pull tape snug. This measurement is the circumference of the head.


Step Two: Front to Back

Starting at the front of the hairline, hold the beginning of the tape in place. Place the tape down the middle of the head to back nape area, about one inch below the occipital bone (at the base of the skull). This is the front-to-back measurement of the head.


Step Three: Temple to Temple

Hold beginning of tape at one side of the head, right at the temple area (usually level with the slit of the eye but back at the temple area, ear to ear). Slide tape across front hairline tightly until it reaches the opposite side of the head, exactly at the same spot as where the other side began. This is the temple-to-temple measurement